Would you like to reclaim your ancestral health?
is it time to hit your health reset button?

Since the fitness industry boomed in the 1970s, millions of people have become more active but average waistlines have continued increasing. Why is this?

body and mind health

There is growing worldwide understanding that achieving true health in body and mind while it may not be easy, is just a matter of making some simple “back to basics” changes.

An adult in the UK weighs on average two stone more today than they did in 1960. Why is this?

We are all bombarded with conflicting information about how to be healthy but a rapidly growing number of doctors, scientists and millions of ordinary people around the world are finding that the answers simply lie in returning to more ancestrally appropriate food and lifestyle choices for our species.

What single factor do you feel has changed the most in our lives over the last fifty years?

consume food
Much of what the average person consumes on a daily basis could be classed as alien to the human body so it is not surprising that poor health eventually becomes a consequence.


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